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£1,599.00 - £1,599.00
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Meet the Velotto: the master of bicycle chaos!

With room for as many as two bikes. Whether it’s a sporty race bike, a cool mountain bike or comfortable city bike, the Velotto provides handy and decent storage to protect your precious two-wheelers. Thanks to the lock supplied you can rest assured. They are both dry and secure.

No more fuss with bikes that fall over and get in the way. No more wrestling with a mess of bikes in your garage.

The container has two doors, which can be folded so the Velotto can also be installed in a narrower passageway. The top of the container is insulated so it stays quiet in the rain.

But that is certainly not all. It also has an extra power function, quite literally. Indeed, it is equipped with electrical sockets, allowing you to charge your electric bikes inside.

Velotto, the steel storage container and firm favourite for your bikes

Height: 142 cm
External dimensions: 203x75cm
Internal dimensions: 193x70cm