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£1,139.00 - £1,139.00
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Looking for a steel storage space to keep your garden tools safe and make your neighbours green with envy? Then Giarmadio is exactly what you need. As cool as a Viking, as strong as a sumo wrestler and as handy as can be. It keeps all your precious tools safe and provides protection from wind and weather. With its insulated top it also stays quiet when it rains. But that’s not all! It ensures that you never get lost in your pile of tools. The Giarmadio can be upgraded with handy shelves and hooks to keep everything neat and tidy and instantly accessible. So, you will never have to hunt for that lost screwdriver again! And, let’s admit it, it would look lovely in your garden or on the balcony of your apartment, because it is also really useful for storing brooms, watering cans and other small equipment. Extra storage space is always an advantage.

Height: 193cm
External dimensions: 154x88cm
Internal dimensions: 141x76cm