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Standard model is made in 140 mm. thickness square logs and it can be delivered in flat-packs. External walls have insulation lining kit with 100mm. wool insulation.

Standard kit includes: insulated (100 mm) floor and 28 mm. floorboards/decking, triple glazed wooden windows and doors, insulated (300 mm) roof with bitumen shingle or RUUKKI paneling cover, trimmings etc.

Its possible to build it on blocks, pillars or any type of foundation. However concrete slab is recommended.

Product details
Cabin size: 285 sq/m
Living/dining area
65 m2
Bedroom 1
20,7 m2
Bedroom 2
20,7 m2
Bedroom 3
12,8 m2
11,1 m2
Bathroom 2
4,5 m2
147 m2
30,6 m2
Sauna area
5,3 m2

Total floor area
285 m2