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17 Ideas For Your Garden Room

17 Ideas For Your Garden Room

Garden rooms are a great way to add space to your home, without the need for time-consuming, stressful extensions. Here at Yorkshire Garden Buildings, we showcase a wide range of buildings to suit every need, and if you're looking for inspiration for your next garden building, look no further!

Home Office

Working from home has never been more popular, but creating a set-up that works for you can be difficult to achieve within the home. Garden rooms provide a great solution to this, offering the space, peace and quiet, and customisation you need to create your dream working environment. Check out our range of buildings ideal for home offices.


Movie nights at home never quite compare to a trip to the cinema, however creating your own personalised garden room cinema may be just the way to bridge this gap. With a viewing experience completely unique to your preferences, and your favourite drinks and snacks on hand (at significantly lower costs), what better way to immerse yourself in the world of film?


Spas are an incredible way to de-stress after a long day, or to spend some time focusing on your wellbeing, however they can sometimes be difficult to access due to opening times, location, and costs. With an at-home spa, you will never have to worry about these issues again.


Much like with Spas, going to the gym can be a brilliant way to switch off and destress, however difficulties accessing them can make it difficult to remain motivated. Having a gym right on your doorstep however removes the barriers typically faced, such as a lack of time available, costly monthly subscriptions, and worries regarding other gym goers.  Our heavy-duty range of log-cabins create the perfect space for an at-home gym, and come with the option to remove the timber flooring in place for rubber matting, so there's no need to worry about heavy equipment damaging the building.


There's no denying that children can make quite a mess - and what better way to manage that mess than to give them their own safe, dedicated space to let their imagination's run free. One of our log cabins or summerhouses creates the perfect spot for toys, games, and arts and crafts. Alternatively, take a look at our play house range for a more traditional place to play.


Do you have dreams of running your own beauty salon or hairdressers but struggling to find a building with affordable rent? An at-home salon may be the solution for you. Not only will you save money on rent, but your daily commute time will not be beaten. Take a look at our composite building range for a stylish finish for your salon.

Crafts Room

Let your creativity flow with a dedicated crafts room to help keep your projects organised and provide you with a private, distraction-free space. Whether it's for work or as a hobby, having an arts and crafts room situated in your garden will help keep you inspired, focused, and clutter-free. Additionally, our designs process places you at the heart of the project, providing you the chance to customise your building to suit your tastes exactly.


Turning a garden building into a cozy, relaxing reading nook sounds like the ideal place to let yourself get lost in a book. It provides a quiet and peaceful spot to escape the stresses of everyday life, and find yourself reconnecting with nature at the same time. Summer houses make ideal garden libraries, as they provide the warm cozy feel you need, and are suitable for a huge range of budgets.

Yoga / Dance Studio

Thinking of running your own yoga or dance classes, or simply searching for an inviting space to practice your mindfulness or new routines? A garden building may be the solution for you. Our insulated buildings offer cool temperatures in the summer, and a space to keep warm during the winter, ideal for your dream yoga or dance studio. Surrounded by the natural beauty of your garden, it's hard to imagine a more relaxing spot for your studio.

Games Room

Calling all gamers - imagine a space away from the family where you can build your dream gaming set-up, and make as much noise as you want. With a garden building, this can become reality. Whether it's consoles and PC's, or more traditional games, a garden room can become a haven for all things fun.

Traditional Summer House

Summer houses have been a staple part of British gardens for hundreds of years, and it's no surprise why. Designed to help you make the most of your garden all year round, they provide a sanctury for relaxing, unwinding, and taking in the beauty of your surrouding space. We offer a large selection of summer houses including hexagonal, L-shaped, and traditional rectangular buildings to suit all gardens.


Why not take your garden building to the next level with one of our showstopping residential log cabins? These buildings are perfect for guest houses, holiday lets, and annexes. They come in a wide range of sizes and specifications suitable for many different plot sizes. With build times significantly lower than traditional buildings, these make for great, high-quality, speedy additions to your business or garden.

Pub / Bar

Creating a pub or a bar in your own garden provides a truly special and unique place to entertain friends and family, or kick back and relax in your own private space. As your own bartender there's no need to worry about your drinks being made just the way you like them, and the best part is that you don't have to worry about any closing times. We've created our showsite pub within the stunning Dalbury model by UK Garden Buildings.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you love cooking and/or baking, take your passion to the next level with an outdoor kitchen for your garden. Fantastic for entertaining and hosting family meals, or an ideal space to practice a new recipe, an extra kitchen opens up countless opportunities. Why not integrate your garden with your cooking by planting a vegetable patch nearby for the freshest ingredients around?

Small Business

We know how tough it can be to set-up a small business. One of the first problems you may encounter is finding the right space to suit your business needs. With a garden building, you don't have to worry about the cost of rent, and you can customise your building to the exact specifications you require. Having your office or retail space so close to home can also help you to achieve that all important work-life balance that us entrepreneurs can often overlook.

Pool House

If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your garden, why not consider a sophisticated spot to store your pump, pool accessories, and furniture. A combination pool house could include a designated storage room, bathroom and changing facilties, as well as a transitional canopy area if you need to take a break from the sun. Pool houses can elevate the entire experience of using an outdoor swimming pool, and therefore could make a great addition to your garden.

Music Room

Whether you're an advanced guitar player or you're just starting out on the drums, having a dedicated practice space is any musician's dream. With plenty of space for all kinds of instruments, a garden room provides the ideal location for bands and solo players alike to practice in peace. The above show model is on display at our fantastic Welton show site, so why not pop in for a visit and browse our stunning range to find your perfect music room.

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