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SERENA 8.0 x 9.7m Log Cabin

Original price £61,987.95 - Original price £61,987.95
Original price
£61,987.95 - £61,987.95
Current price £61,987.95

Made from 100% nordic high-quality spruce from Europe, the Serena residential log cabin is very popular cabin for all kinds of use; residential home, guest house, annex, holiday retreat or holiday Park home to name but a few. The Serena shares the usual high quality features of the tailor made Cabin with 70mm logs, high end finishings and the usual great care. The Serena Log cabin has four rooms downstairs with an open lounge area, and a first floor that covers an open plan area and large bedroom.

  • The timber material the houses are made of is 100% Nordic high-quality spruce
  • The doors and windows are produced from extra-dry (8-12%) laminated timber
  • The door threshold is of stainless steel
  • The windows have sealed glass units, open in both directions and contain 100% of the furnishings
  • The doors have sealed glass units and contain 100% of the furnishings
  • The ceiling is of the profile board
  • The foundation beams are of autoclave impregnated timber
  • The set always includes storm bars
  • 100% of the fixation equipment (nails, screws)
  • Installation drawings and plans

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BOHLE External Dimensions (W x D):

795 x 970 cm

Wall Dimensions (W x D):

775 x 950 cm

Log thickness:

70 mm

Side wall height:

240 cm

Ridge Height:

460 cm

Roof surface:

ca 95m²

Roof boards:

18 mm

Front overhang:

200 cm

Roof tilting angle:


Treated bearers:

60 x 70 mm

Floor surface:

1k 77,1 m2 + 2k 51,45 m2 + terraza 20 m2 = 148,55 m2

Double glazed window:

1 x 530 x 530 mm / 2 x 765 x 990 mm / 4 x 1530 x 990 mm

Double glazed door:

6 x 840 x 1955 mm