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NLC 150 Log Cabin | 6.5 x 2.75m

Original price £7,910.00 - Original price £7,910.00
Original price
£7,910.00 - £7,910.00
Current price £7,910.00
This is the perfect cabin for your summer garden or to somewhere cool and windy in winter. You will feel like king of the castle when you build this log cabin that's built from logs with an innovative jointing system designed for easy assembly on site

Logs can be up to 44mm thick, which provides increased durability. Add some timber cladding if you want a more traditional look. 28mm floor boards are laid straight onto the ground. Double glazing tilt and turn windows - open them wide then just twist back into position!

• 6.5 x 2.75m
• 44mm or 68mm logs log cabin
• 28mm floor boards
• 18mm double glazing tilt and turn windows
• Small second room to the rear
• this model is to be used as a gaming room and bar