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NLC 114 Log Cabin | 3.5 x 3.0m

Original price £4,120.00 - Original price £4,120.00
Original price
£4,120.00 - £4,120.00
Current price £4,120.00

Our NLC 114 model is a high quality cabin and a perfect addition to a smaller garden. Glazed double doors ensure plenty of natural light, making this cabin perfect for a home office. At 3.5 x 3.0m meters this log cabin has plenty of floor space to turn it in to a games room, home office of treat yourself to your own garden bar.

Wind-Tight Chalet Connection
Wall Thickness
40 mm
Wall Dimensions
300 cm x 350 cm
Floor Size
9.99 m2
Ridge Height
245.10 cm
Wall Height
210.90 cm
Front Overhang
20 cm
Roof Area
14.04 m2
Roof Angle
1 x 1588 x 1850 mm
3 x 525 x 1674 mm
440 x 118 x 64cm - 896kg